Rutherford County
1 South Side Square - Suite 103
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 898-7743
Full Name/Committee Name 
ExpandMitchell, RobAssessor of Property
ExpandGentry, RobinCircuit Court Clerk
ExpandHarrell, MelissaCircuit Court Clerk
ExpandCole, JasonCity of LaVergne, Alderman
Expand21st Century LaVergne PACCommittee
ExpandCrowell, LisaCounty Clerk
ExpandJungman, DennisCounty Commission District #03
ExpandWrather, MichaelCounty Commission District #03
ExpandPhillips, EdwardCounty Commission District #08
ExpandGourley, JoeCounty Commission District #09
ExpandBaum, Charles County Commission District #14
ExpandKetron, WilliamCounty Mayor
ExpandGilley, TobyGeneral Sessions Judge, Part III
ExpandCampbell, ButchMurfreesboro City School Board
ExpandLaLance, RickMurfreesboro City, Councilman
ExpandPatterson, Brian Murfreesboro City, Councilman
ExpandSmotherman, EddieMurfreesboro City, Councilman
ExpandWade, Kirk Murfreesboro City, Councilman
ExpandDawbarn, HeatherRegister of Deeds
ExpandGenet, Mimi CRegister of Deeds
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